Announcer Bio


Name: Jayne Lochert (Jayne -Lo)

When do we hear you? 10-1 weekdays, including our coffee chat show  Coffee O’Clock @ 10

Fav. thing about Life FM?: What a great team ! What a great station!

And , I get to talk and share positive thoughts on life whilst drinking coffee!

Funniest radio memory?: Accidentally airing a pig grunting sound effect during a soft part in a song. I didn’t know I had done it until a listener called to ask if he had heard a pig at the station…and I realised what I’d done! I laugh and laugh every time I think about  how odd this must have sounded!

When I’m not on the radio I like to…: Spend time with my family, friends and my puppy Charlie! I also like creating delicious food in my kitchen  ( and love my new Thermomix! )

One thing that inspires me is…: Walking around my neighbourhood, or a park and listening to the sounds of life outside of a a headphone set!

I love heading out to speak at Community or church Women’s Events!

If you'd like me to speak at your Women's Event email me at

If you’d like me to speak at your Women’s Event CLICK me and message me on Facebook  or  email me at

And also go to the Coffee O’Clock Show Page for web links to all our regular  10’0clock guests!


Regular Talk @ 11 Guests

Stan the Motivating Man

Trudy the Money Mum
Trudy the Money Mum

Nicole – Freelance Journalist

David D’Lima
David D'Lima