Life FM Speak LIFE Appeal 2016

Current Tally: $237771 Target: $260000

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  • What you are sharing

    “I listen to LifeFm daily and find that the whole format creates a positive atmossphere for each day.”
    David, Payneham
  • What you are sharing

    “It just makes me feel happy n close to God listening to your station.”
    Linda, Evanston gardens
  • What you are sharing

    “Life FM has helped me to see the positive side to most situations and helped me explain to my children why some of the not so good situations may happen, in that there is always hope”
    Rebecca, CLEARVIEW
  • What you are sharing

    “Yes, Life fm has helped me become more interested in the bible, and understanding the significance of some stories which without life fm i would would have understood”
    Alyse, Magill

In Their Steps

Ever wanted to visit the countries of the Bible?

Come and join LifeFM’s Holy Lands tour, featuring Israel, Jordan, Turkey and the Greek Islands in September 16.
The hotels are top-class, the food is excellent, and the coaches and guides are of the highest calibre–all that’s missing is you!